QSL Bureau for all Nets

Bureau Address - Send to the address below unless your mailing meets the criteria for mailing to the buro managers directly!

HUBER HEIGHTS, OH  45424-3304

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Rob Lunsford (KB8UEY) and Rob Gibbs (K8GIB) are the QSL Bureau Managers for ALL nets.

After carefully reading ALL of the following, if you have any questions about the operations or policies of this QSL Bureau not answered below, please contact this QSL Bureau directly.

This QSL Bureau offers several account and envelope options when it comes to sending you your QSL cards.  See Options Below.  See a chart with a Cost Comparison - QSL via Bureau vs QSL Direct.


VERY IMPORTANT: Any card shipment that requires a signature upon delivery, must be mailed directly to either KB8UEY or K8GIB, NOT to the address above.  Otherwise, cards should be mailed to the address above.

Please sort cards sent to this QSL Bureau in call area, then call suffix order, beginning with Area 1 and ending with Area 10.  This is important because the buro processes on average over 600 to 700 cards a week and if they aren't sorted it slows down the sorting process drastically.

PLEASE!!!!  Put all needed information on the same side of the card!  When sorting cards, we don't have time to flip cards over to see who it goes to or who the operator was.  If it isn't on the same side as the QSO information, we likely will not see it.

DO NOT tape or staple cards together even if they're all for the same person.  These cards will be returned to the originator.

Stations with no card activity in this QSL Bureau for a period of 2 years will be purged from this QSL Bureau.

Please be sure your cards are legible.  Cards for which the intended recipient cannot be determined will be returned at sender's expense.

The majority of clubs that operate on our nets as well as nearly all 1x1 call signs DO NOT want a card from your station.  If you are sending a card to a club or 1x1 call that wants a card, PLEASE make sure to note the OPERATOR'S call sign on such cards.  A clear notation like “Op: AB1CDE” will do the job.  Cards without the operator's call sign will be returned to you.

Cards taller than the standard 3.5" will be returned.

The absolute minimum card size is 3 x 5.  Cards smaller than the “standard” size of 3.5" x 5.5", or printed on paper lighter than 67-lb cover stock present handling problems during sorting.  Please try to use standard sized cards on stock no lighter than 67-lb cover stock.

Incoming envelopes thicker than 1/4" exceed the allowed thickness for first class letters and invite damage by postal sorting machines and additional charges for oversized envelopes.  This QSL Bureau does not send, nor will it accept, mail with postage due.

If you use Z-fold separators to spread out the cards in envelopes you send to this QSL Bureau, please use something heaver than computer paper, newsprint, or magazine paper.  67-lb cover stock is recommended.  Light weight Z-fold separators result in all of the envelope contents winding up at one end of the envelope.  This invites damage by postal sorting machines.  This is a VERY SERIOUS problem with #10 envelopes.

Cards sent to this QSL Bureau for stations that do not have envelopes in this QSL Bureau will be returned to you if/when that station has been out of envelopes for 30 days.

You can perform an online Good in the Bureau Check or you may download a program to do off-line checks on your own computer, both at the link just shown.  “Good in the Bureau” or “GIB” means a station has SASEs (self-addressed stamped envelopes) or funds on hand in the QSL Bureau(s).

Please understand that it may take ten days or so after you send SASEs or funds to any bureau for your bureau status to be reflected in the GIB listing.  Also, your status will not be reflected in check-in lists created by logging software until those logging the nets update their logger appropriately.  It is Club policy that no GIB listing older than 72 hours is to be used to create net check-in listings.  If your status is wrong in a posted net listing at the same time that it is correct in the On-Line GIB List, then you should notify the person who posted the list using an out of date GIB database.  If your status is wrong in a listing you are viewing live with your own copy of a live logging program, then not only should the person logging the net be notified that his GIB database is out of date, but you also need to update the GIB listing in your own copy of the logger you're using.

This buro only distributes completed cards from you to operators who are good in the buro.  You are responsible for completing the cards.  (See Info Requirements on QSL Cards.).

If a NCS wishes to have a courtesy envelope put in the buro for a new station, that NCS needs to email the buro managers and make that request.  If no such request is made, no courtesy envelopes will go in.


This option allows this QSL Bureau to make up 6" x 9" stamped envelopes addressed to you as they're needed.

You deposit funds with this QSL Bureau and this QSL Bureau will apply those funds to envelopes, address labels and stamps as needed to send you your QSLs.  Based on your level of activity on our nets you would notify this QSL Bureau whether you want to receive your cards 1oz, 2oz, or 3oz (approx 8, 16, 24 cards) at a time.  When those levels are reached this QSL Bureau will make up an envelope and mail your cards to you.  Your account will be charged the cost of stamps to mail, plus $0.19 to cover the cost of a 6" x 9" envelope, address label and other bureau expenses.  You will receive a statement of your account balance with each mailing and you can replenish your account in whatever amount you determine, with $10 - $25 probably being typical.  The advantage of this plan over sending in your own envelopes is twofold: 1) you avoid the postage cost to mail in your own envelopes, and 2) when you have outgoing cards in excess of 1oz, the additional ounce(s) can be mailed in the same envelope for a much smaller additional charge than the cost of the first ounce.  All of this is considerably cheaper and more convenient than sending your own self-addressed stamped envelopes this QSL Bureau.


If the savings and convenience of OPTION 1 above don't appeal to you, this QSL Bureau accepts your #10 (4-1/8" x 9-1/2") or 6" x 9" SASEs having no clasps or string ties.  Envelopes smaller than #10 are not acceptable and will be returned to sender.  Please place your name, callsign, and address in the middle of the envelope.  Use the "Forever Stamp" on these SASEs to reduce the need for you to provide additional postage should postage rates go up.  Up to 1oz = $0.49 (Forever Stamp), and up to 2oz = $0.70 (currently).  Do NOT apply more than 2oz of postage to any #10 SASEs you send to this QSL Bureau because 3oz of cards causes a #10 envelope to exceed the maximum 1/4" thickness allowed for 1st class letters and invites damage by postal sorting machinery.  Light weight "Walmart" envelopes are prone to damage in the postal sorting machines.  You will minimize the chances of damage by using envelopes made from 24lb paper stock.  You will minimize this risk even more by using OPTION #1 above.

Method of Payment

You may make deposits to your cash account in this QSL Bureau by mailing a check (USD drawn on a US bank), payable to Robert Lunsford, to the address above, or you may pay via PayPal by using the form below.  However you pay, be sure to clearly indicate YOUR CALL SIGN, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, and include your mailing address if it's not correct in the FCC database and on QRZ.  (And if it isn't correct with the FCC and QRZ, you need to correct it with the FCC.)

This QSL Bureau also accepts donations to cover miscellaneous expenses such as file folders, other supplies, and occasional courtesy envelopes to new net participants.  You may send any donations to the address above or via the PayPal form below.

NOTEIf you pay via PayPal, the PayPal Shopping Cart will open in a new window at PayPal where you will need to provide a credit card number or other payment information to complete your transaction.  You may add additional items to your cart from the form below while the PayPal window is open.  Please be sure you INCLUDE A CALL SIGN with each item you add to the shopping cart.  PayPal payments will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *KB8UEY.”

NOTEPayPal will deduct a fee of approximately $0.30 + 2.9% from your payment and the amount remaining after this deduction will be credited to your account.  As an example, if you send $10 via PayPal, PayPal will deduct $0.30 and also 2.9% of that $10, leaving $9.41 to be deposited to your account.  You may avoid the deduction of PayPal processing fees by mailing a check to the bureau rather than using PayPal.

2024: Due to increased cost of materials, for the first time in more than the time we have been running the buro we had to raise the costs from 19 cents plus postage to 22 cents plus postage.

The Buro is not responsible for items lost, damaged, or destroyed by the USPS.

USPS is stating 1st letter delivery time is 4 to 6 business days

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