The 3905 Century Club DX Bureau

Bureau Address

David A Yarbrough, AI4K
92 Elizabeth Dr.
Atoka, TN 38004

The Century Club makes this DX bureau service available to all check-ins to our nets to assist with confirmation of DX contacts. The club does not charge for the service but asks you to make donations to the DX bureau to cover the significant postage cost for sending QSL cards to other countries.

If you want to confirm your contacts by using our DX bureau, simply send your cards to the address above.

If the DX station has given us permission to act as a QSL manager we will send you a return QSL card via email (PDF) and/or a printed card via the domestic bureau.

If we receive a card from the DX contact we will forward it to you via the domestic bureau.

Please note this process takes some time and in some cases contacts may not be confirmed if the DX station fails to respond to our e-mails or postal mail. Best-case turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks. Please ensure you are good in the domestic bureau.

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