History of the 3905 Century Club

Early in 1976, the U.S. Bicentennial Year, a “Bicentennial Worked All States Net” was organized to meet nightly at 3905 kHz in the 75 meter phone band.

After Dec. 31, 1976, some of the regulars of the BiWAS Net were reluctant to let go of the many friendships that they had formed and the structured operation that had permitted these friendships, simply because the Bicentennial year was over. So, in January 1977 these “regulars” began discussions of the formation of a permanent net on 3905 kHz.

It was decided that a solicitation would be made to obtain a charter-membership of 100 amateurs to provide initial funding for printing the awards certificates and for postage requirements anticipated. The charter subscription drive was so successful that 128 charter members were accepted before the charter membership drive could be “turned off”. The 100 member target and the club’s operating frequency inspired the club’s name “The 3905 Century Club”, which was suggested by Earl Scholz, W1EJI of Port Richey, Florida. The club commenced operations on February 17, 1977.

[from the Centurion Vol 1 Number 1 1979, page 4]