The Annual Eyeball Convention General Information

Each year the Club holds an annual get-together known as the "Eyeball."  We try to rotate the general location of this event around the country - East, West, Middle - to give all members a chance of attending without the same ones always having to travel a great distance.  Despite this, there are those adventuresome souls who will head out cross country toward the Eyeball a week early and offer contacts on our nets from many states along the way... and again on their return, usually by a different route.

The Eyeball is usually held starting on a Thursday and ending on Sunday morning.  The actual date for the Eyeball can range from about mid-June (after school ends) to early August.  Some attendees will arrive a day or even several days before the official start to have additional time to renew old acquaintences and to help with set-up.

Not long after each Annual Eyeball, potential hosts for the next year's Eyeball make proposals to the Board of Directors, which selects a location for next year's Eyeball from among the proposals submitted.  Our Eyeball Coordinator Guide document contains the information needed by a prospective host to submit a proposal to host the Annual Eyeball.

Each year we also conduct - as part of the Eyeball - our Annual Mobile Shoot-Out, an event designed to demonstrate who has the strongest mobile signal.  This is a great opportunity to see what the folks with the strongest mobile signals are using to get them - antennas used, how they're mounted, etc., and it's also a great chance to see how your own signal stacks up.

Past Eyeball locations

Eyeball Call Name Venue City State
2023 K4TER Katie Gilliam Prince William Forest Park Triangle VA
2022 W8NET Gene Marsh Brimfield Community Center Brimfield OH
2021 AA1NA Kirk Fraiser Lake Tiak-O'Khata Louisville MS
2020 AA1NA Kirk Fraiser (no in-person 2020 Eyeball was held) Louisville MS
2019 KE3HAY Keon Hayes Newark DE
2018 WA6LBU Clay Mayrose Sleep Inn and Suites Edmond OK
2017 N3WD Bill Dobson Arcadia Volunteer Fire
Company Carnival Grounds
Upperco MD
2016 AC0HF Charles Rader Stone Castle Hotel Branson MO
2015 WU9I Pat Caldwell Knights of Columbus Nashville TN
2014 KS9WI
Keith Summers
Elaine Summers
De Pere Community Center De Pere WI
2013 WK7K John Patrick Historic Old West Town of ↣ Torrington WY
2012 WT0A Glen Felt Eugene T. Mahoney State Park Ashland NE
2011 WB1I Fred Caswell Knights of Columbus Hall Somers CT
2010 K5SVC
Frank Krize
Joy Krize
Near the banks
of the Mississippi
2009 AD6ZJ Loren Hunt Vista Antique Gas
& Steam Museum
Vista CA
2008 N3WD Bill Dobson   Hanover PA
2007 N5OHL Jim Richardson Historic Former Capital of OK Guthrie OK
2006 N0PUI Jay Wieland   Le Sueur MN
2005 WM4SG Bill Martin Red Top Mountain State Park Cartersville GA
2004 N7XG Dean Davis   Wilsonville OR
2003 K0WJ Lon Martin   Kansas City MO
2002 WA2JIM Clay Statmore   Hamburg NJ
2001 W7DO
Gary Martek
Lynette Martek
2000 K0LJ
Larry Johnston
Juanita Johnston
  Cedar Rapids IA
1999 WA1VQY Jeff Lynch   Portsmouth RI
1998 AC7XF Hugh MacDonald   Bandon OR
1997 KJ5IM James Byrd Sequoyah State Park Hulbert OK
1996 AA1ME George Branchaud   Wallingford VT
1995 KR7B Kenneth Rathbone AB Campground Cheyenne WY
1994 W8NET Gene Marsh Starved Rock State Park Utica IL
1993 KI5RN Glen Van Rheeden Bull Shoals State Park Lakeview AR
1992 K4UQP
Raymond Wright
Judy Wright
Racoon Mountain Caverns Chattanooga TN
1991 K4UQP
Raymond Wright
Judy Wright
Racoon Mountain Caverns Chattanooga TN
1990E NY9L Benjamin Austin Sr Sand Creek Campground Chesterton IN
1989E NY9L Benjamin Austin Sr Sand Creek Campground Chesterton IN
1988E WB2K John Ross  
1988W K5IUO Maynard McClure  
1987E WA2ZYM George Herbert Jr  
1987W KD7XQ Alec Baxter  
1985E KM4MK Wayne Anderson Sr  
1984E KD8PT Robert Barrett  
1982E KA5HFB Leitha Sharp Dogpatch USA
(Rock Candy Mountain)
Harrison AR
1980E WA4RRR Alice Blair   Bowling Green KY
1980W W6PIO Ed Epperson Pleasant Valley Ranch Cimarron CO
1979E WA4RRR Alice Blair   Bowling Green KY
1979W WB7NSE Stephen Blackburn Triangle C Ranch Dubois WY
1978 WA4RRR Alice Blair   Bowling Green KY