eMail Reflectors

The following are some of the mailing lists, often called “reflectors,” provided as communications resources by some of our members as a personal service to the membership.

The following off-site links will take you to the site for each of these groups where you may subscribe to one or more groups. You must subscribe to be able to post.

When subscribing to any reflector, you must identify yourself by name and must include your amateur call sign if you have one. Also, after signing up, you must monitor the email address you provided for messages that may require your response or confirmation to complete the subscription process.

In the interest of heading off spam and viruses, the 3905Chatgp and 3905AwdTalk reflectors do not accept postings that contain only “Rich Text” or only HTML or only an attachment.  You should post using only “Plain Text” format for best results.  Attachments are stripped from all postings.  Again, this is in the interest of preventing spam and viruses, with the latter often delivered as nothing but an attachment.  Please set your email clients accordingly.

These communications resources are neither owned, sponsored, supervised, nor officially sanctioned by The 3905 Century Club.  Opinions expressed on these reflectors may occasionally be expressed very strongly.  Opinions expressed on these reflectors do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Club, nor does the Club assume any responsibility or accountability, implied or otherwise, for the content of these reflectors.  For Club matters that you deem to be important or “official,” these “reflectors” are NOT a good alternative to direct contact with your Area Director or other elected or appointed officers by direct email, telephone, postal letter, or other direct one-on-one method of communication.

With the above having been said, these reflectors are the primary channels by which our members receive general Club information... as well as the primary channels our members use to communicate their personal operating plans and other information to fellow members.

The members who make these resources available have rules and guidelines concerning message content and personal behavior when using these resources.  Most, but not all, can be summarized by “Seek not to provoke and be not easily provoked.”  Please read and heed any rules or guidelines provided.