3905 Century Club Election Info

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General Election

General Election Voting Dates for President and Even-Numbered Call Area Directors

When are elections held?

The 3905 Century Club general elections are held every year from Jan. 1 through Jan. 15.

Presidents, and even-numbered Area Directors are elected on even-numbered years.
Vice-Presidents, odd-numbered Area Directors, and DX Area Director are elected on odd-numbered years.

The election balloting period for the General Election:

Who can vote?

All members may vote for President and Vice-President.
Members whose address of record for a given call area may vote for the Area Director of that call area.

Membership is defined in the by-laws as a licensee who has earned a 100-point award on any band/mode.

How do I know who is on the ballot?

The nominated candidates on the ballot along with their bio's are found on the candidate bios page.

How do I vote?

Members have four (4) methods available to vote; however only one method is allowed for a vote to be counted, and the first vote received by any of the following methods will be the one counted: