Eyeball 2010 was held in Natchez, MS and Vidalia, LA from Thursday June 10th thru Saturday June 12th, 2010.  Natchez is located along the Mississippi River and is famous for its many antebellum mansions dating to the early 19th century and left essentially untouched by the American Civil War.  Vidalia, LA is a thriving city right across the river from Natchez.

Eyeball Card

Amazing antebellum homes lining the mighty Mississippi River make Natchez one of the most unique cities in America.  As the original state capital of Mississippi, Natchez holds an important place in Mississippi history.  With its easy access to the river and fertile soil conducive to growing cotton, Natchez became one of the greatest economic focal points in the entire antebellum South.

Those attending were able to tour the historic antebellum homes and other architectural marvels, or enjoy a leisurely drive on the scenic Natchez Trace.  Or experience the excitement of Natchez nightlife, from juke joints to fine dining.

The Hampton Inn & Suites, located near the banks of the Mississippi, was the Official Hotel of Eyeball 2010 and was the location of the Eyeball's Thursday and Friday events.  Camper and tent camping facilities were provided by the Vidalia RV Park just across the river.

Friday's Shrimp/Crawfish Boil was truly all you can eat and then some.  The shrimp and crawfish were accompanied by boiled potatos and an outstanding jambalaya.

We worked the nets from both sides of the river with many mobiles switching sides between rounds.  The several dry spots scoped out by a few turned out to be not so dry, but those are the breaks.

A number of well deserved Presidential Awards were presented by our President, Rick Mobley (WB5FDP).  These were:

Ambassador's Award - Given to two very deserving people that have gone out of their way to welcome newcomers to our nets and who have been very helpful during bad band conditions with relays.  Joe Rebecca (K5FNS) and Lynn Easom (KB5GVR)

Certificate of Appreciation - Harold Chambless (W4NNO), Earl Smith (W1BML) and Kevin Burkhart (WM0F)

Leisure Mobile of the year - Jim Wade (VE9DH), Melanie Wade (VE9SX) and Shep Kilby (KC2PUF)

Professional Mobile of the year - Steve Panattoni (N6RSH)

K7MFG NCS of the Year - Bob Hall (KI7PM)

KD3FM Annual Service Award - Dean Davis (N7XG)

Outstanding NCS:

160m CW - Randy Bean (KJ4JC)
80m CW Early - Bob Hall (KI7PM)
80m CW Late - Hugh MacDonald (AC7XF)
40m CW - Bob Hall (KI7PM)
20m CW - Bob Hall (KI7PM)
80m RTTY - Bill Hoek (N7WH)
40m RTTY - Milton Withers (AD5XD)
20m RTTY - Bill Hoek (N7WH)
80m PSK - Bill Hoek (N7WH)
40m PSK - Bob Hall (KI7PM)
20m PSK - Bob Hall (KI7PM)
160m SSB Early - John Patrick (WK7K)
160m SSB Late - Doug Aldrich (W0WSP)
75m SSB Early - Rodney Curtis (WR4C)
75m SSB Late - Larry Gillespie, Jr (K7MI)
40m SSB Early - Frank Krize III (K5SVC)
40m SSB Late - Larry Gillespie, Jr (K7MI)

Mobile Shootout - Top Three:

1st - Lon Martin, K0WJ, with a Scorpion SA-680 w/ 3' Cap Hat
2nd - Fred Caswell Jr, WB1I, with a Scorpion SA-6160
3rd - Steve Knittel, KC4YBO, with a Tarheel 200A
See complete Mobile Shootout 2010 Results

The two main prizes were won by Jim Richardson, N5OHL (Ameritron AL-811H Amplifier), and Allen Brown, KZ3AB (Yaesu FT-857D Tranceiver).

The Eyeball 2010 Quilt and matching pillow (image below) made and donated by Judy Higgins (XYL of KB3PU) was auctioned off for $325 to benefit the Club and went home with Gene Marsh (W8NET).  Thank you, Gene.

Registrations for Eyeball 2010

# Call Sign Name Home Comments
1 K5SVC Frank Krize III MS, Church Hill Eyeball Host
5th Area Director
Master #32
2 KD5JAQ Joy Krize MS, Church Hill Eyeball Hostess
3 KB3PU Jim Higgins SC, Sumter Webmaster
4 NN5G Paul Kelly OK, Oklahoma City Alternate 5th Area Director
Master #27
5   Sara Kelly OK, Oklahoma City XYL of NN5G
6 W5WJN Bill Nason LA, Zachary "Alligator Bill"
7   Patsy Nason LA, Zachary XYL of W5WJN
8 W0WSP Doug Aldrich TN, Portland  
9 NJ9T Pete Thornton IL, Peoria Heights Past President
Master #55
10 WN1F David Feeney ME, Scarborough  
11 W6XLR Richard Sauneuf CA, Hayward  
12 N6MSY Pierrot Couch CA, Hayward  
13 K7EMJ Marvin Berg SC, Sumter  
14 K3QX Edward Herbrechtsmeier MD, Rockville Net Coordinator 40M SSB EN
15   Laura Stillwell MD, Rockville XYL of K3QX
16 W8EMT Michael Stevens OH, Mansfield  
17   Lisa Stevens OH, Mansfield XYL of W8EMT
18 K0WJ Lon Martin KS, Shawnee Mission  
19 KE4VYN Lee George AL, Vestaiva Hills  
20   Tracey George AL, Vestaiva Hills XYL of KE4VYN
21 KE5SOK Robert Nall MS, Lorman OM of KE5UAQ
22 KE5UAQ Peggy Nall MS, Lorman XYL of KE5SOK
23 WN5M Jack Merck TX, Abilene  
24   Katharine Merck TX, Abilene XYL of WN5M
25 AF6MV Michael Vranisky, Jr CA, Moreno Valley  
26 AA0ZP Frank Taylor NE, Bellevue Club Historian
Past President
Master #12
27   Marjo Taylor NE, Bellevue XYL of AA0ZP
28 W8NET Gene Marsh OH, Uniontown 8th Area Director
Master #47
29   Kevin Marsh OH, Uniontown Son of W8NET
30 WT0A Glen Felt NE, Friend Alternate 10th Area Director
Master #40
31 N9DI Dave Wade IL, Dongola 9th Area Director
32   Connie Wade IL, Dongola XYL of N9DI
33 KL7IYD Jim Cummins AK, Juneau  
34   Natalie Cummins AK, Juneau XYL of KL7IYD
35 K5DWI Robert Hadley MS, Bogue Chitto Master #42
36   Linda Hadley MS, Bogue Chitto XYL of K5DWI
37 WB1I Fred Caswell, Jr. CT, Enfield Alternate 1st Area Director
75M SSB Early Net Coordinator
Master #45
38 KE9OI Dave Czerniak IN, Wheatfield 9th Area Awards Manager
39   Georgia Czerniak IN, Wheatfield XYL of KE9OI
40 KC0MS Karl Peterson IA, Des Moines "Magik Draggin"
Master #50
41   Mary Peterson IA, Des Moines XYL of KC0MS
42 N4UPX Bobby Statzer MS, Gulfport Master #36
43 KF5BJN Dalton Statzer MS, Gulfport Son of N4UPX
44 KD8EZS Kevin Williams WV, Morgantown Alternate 8th Area Director
Master #44
45 WV4EVR Jackie Williams WV, Morgantown Club Secretary
Master #46
46 KD8JCO Zach Williams WV, Morgantown Master #48
47 KZ3AB E Allen Brown MD, Laurel  
48   Deborah Brown MD, Laurel XYL of KZ3AB
49   Wendy Powers MD, Laurel Sister of KZ3AB
50 K5FNS Joe Rebecca MS, Scooba  
51 KB5GVR Lynn Easom MS, Scooba  
52 KI4WCQ Johnny D. Allen KY, Elizabethtown Master #52
53   Cindy Allen KY, Elizabethtown XYL of KI4WCQ
54   Rachel Allen KY, Elizabethtown Daughter of KI4WCQ
55 WA5TRX Lawrence Campi LA, Kenner  
56 K4WIT Jon Wittlin GA, Atlanta  
57 N3YK Bob Vietz PA, Nanticoke Alternate 3rd Area Director
Master #34
58 KB3RPA Terry Vietz PA, Nanticoke XYL of N3YK
59 K4NOP Michael E. Newland SC, Graniteville Assistant Awards Secretary
Master #41
60 KS9WI Keith Summers WI, De Pere OM of N9QZF
61 N9QZF Elaine Summers WI, De Pere XYL of KS9WI
62 AG5T Marty Blaise TX, Houston  
63   Susan Blaise TX, Houston XYL of AG5T
64 W5IL Richard Smale NM, Los Alamos 40M SSB QSL Bureau Manager
Master #10
65 K0HNM Larry Snyder IL, Poplar Grove Alternate 9th Area Director
Master #21
66   Lona Snyder IL, Poplar Grove XYL of K0HNM
67 N3WD Bill Dobson III MD, Reisterstown 2008 Eyeball Host
3rd Area Director
Master #43
68 WB5FDP Rick Mobley AR, Little Rock 3905CC President
Master #22
69 AD7DB David Bartholomew CA, Van Nuys Brother of N7JY
70 N7JY John Bartholomew CA, Van Nuys Brother of AD7DB
71 KE5IAK Stephen Neesley LA, Pineville  
72   Glenda Neesley LA, Pineville XYL of KE5IAK
73 N0AXZ William McFarland MO, Columbia  
74   Susan McFarland MO, Columbia XYL of N0AXZ
75 KC2PUF Shep Kilby NJ, Bridgeton Treasurer
76 KG4ZOD Donnie Hurst, Jr NC, Burlington  
77   Ginger Hurst NC, Burlington XYL of KG4ZOD
78 N5OHL Jim Richardson OK, Oklahoma City Eyeball 2007 Host
5th Area Awards Manager
Presidential Advisory Committee
Master #17
79 N5OJP Linda Richardson OK, Oklahoma City XYL of N5OHL
80 VE4HQ Tom Blatch MB, Winnipeg Awards Committee
Alternate DX Area Director
81   Florence Spice MB, Winnipeg Guest of VE4HQ
82 N7XG Dean Davis OR, Salem Eyeball 2004 Host
83   Jan Davis OR, Salem XYL of N7XG
84 KC5TYY Doug Ballard MS, Natchez OM of KD5JAS
85 KD5JAS Molly Ballard MS, Natchez XYL of KC5TYY
86 KD4POJ Dwayne Lipscomb Sr ND, Minot Ass't Net Coord 160m SSB EN
10th Area Director
87   Dwayne Lipscomb Jr ND, Minot Son of KD4POJ
88 KE4RUG Mac Beauchat GA, Ellabell  
89 N9KNJ Ron Kaufman IN, New Haven DX QSL Bureau Manager
90 AL7QQ Jeff Becvar Sr IA, Waukee Master #33
91 KC8RUG Bill Steward OH, Newtonville OM of KA8AXY
92 KA8AXY Barbara Steward OH, Newtonville XYL of KC8RUG
93 WB1DSJ Bob Crossette CA, San Diego  
94   Theresa Crossette CA, San Diego XYL of WB1DSJ
95 AJ4IM Jim Padgett VA, Stafford  
96 N5LSP Jim Dear, Jr. LA, Rayville  
97   Carolyn Dear LA, Rayville XYL of N5LSP
98 K7MI Larry Gillespie OR, Bandon Net Coordinator 75M SSB LN
Master #54
99 N0PUI Jay Wieland MN, Le Sueur Eyeball 2006 Host
Master #25
Vice President
100 K5RFF Ray Battalora TX, Richardson  
101   Megan Arnett IL, Poplar Grove Granddaughter of K0HNM
102 W9JAY Jay Fadness TX, Sealy OM of N9OEL
103 WB0PYF Ray Myers MO, St Louis  
104   Nathaniel Griffin Jr MO, St Louis Caregiver to WB0PYF
105 KC4YBO Steve Knittel GA, Roswell  
106   Ann Knittel GA, Roswell XYL of KC4YBO
107 N5AVN Everette Thompson Jr LA, Vidalia  
108 N9OEL Virginia Fadness TX, Sealy XYL of W9JAY